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Community Coaching in Practice

A city region of around 3m people like Leeds would require a network of around 75 coaches to provide access to person centred coaching support for everyone that really wanted it.

  • It would engage about 45 000 people in the process of providing direct hands on assistance to their peers.
  • It would provide direct assistance to about 16500 beneficiaries a year, the vast majority of whom would make significant progress in their personal journeys as a result of benefiting from a coaching rather than a coercive approach.
  • I would anticipate at least 750 sustainable business starts from this cohort every year.  I would envisage business survival rates around the 90% rate after 3 years.
  • It would make a very real difference to the perceptions of some 20 000 people a year about the extent to which they feel that they ‘belong to’ and ‘feel supported’ in their community.
  • In addition to traditional ‘enterprise’ outputs I would expect substantial impacts on health and well-being as well as increases in volunteering, cultural productivity, mental health, fitness and so forth.
  • It would help to integrate the dual priorities of economy and community rather than treating them as separate and often incompatible determinants.
  • Within 3-7 years I would expect it to have made a sustained and measurable difference to the enterprise culture in the city region.

And it would cost about £3.75 million a year.

The price of a very rich wo/man’s house.

  1. Mike,

    This is a wonderful idea. I like the positive results of coaching in the lives of individuals and businesses. One of the ways out of this recession could be avoiding the knee-jerk response of throwing money at public works projects, and instead taking a tiny portion of that money and investing it in people and their businesses.

    When we invest in a person who moves his or her life forward significantly, we are creating much economic worth over a lifetime. And that’s even more true when we improve the new business start-up survival rate.

    Very important idea, Mike!

    • Thanks for the kind words Nancy.

      Providing free coaching and facilitation that helps those who want to to change things, and supporting those coaches with immense community networks of people who care is something I have been working on for a long time now. Sadly it appears to un-fundable unless you use it to foist Government policy on to people…

  2. Sign me up!

  3. Hi Mike,

    I’ve got lots a questions about this approach. They are all critical questions about the about but not necessarily critical of it. Would like to discuss them or should I just leave it alone?

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