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Poverty in Leeds

August 30, 2011

How does poverty play out in the economic powerhouse of Yorkshire, the retail and tourist success story, the regenerated and rebuilt city, that is Leeds?

Well, here are some figures, collated by the Leeds Initiative and published on their website.

  • In Leeds there are 29,695 children aged under 16 who are living in poverty – 22.9% of all children in this age range
  • There are 33,295 dependent children aged under 20 who are living in poverty (22.1% of the children / young people in this age range)

33000 children, 1 in 5 of our children, living in poverty.

Poverty is not distributed evenly across the City, and these averages hide pockets of child poverty that are as high as anywhere in the UK.

On October 14th we are holding an Innovation Lab where the people of Leeds are invited to come and think about how poverty works in the city and what we can do to disrupt it, personally and collectively.  We would love for you to join us….

  1. They are interesting statistics. Leeds is often seen as a successfull city, progressing, and throwing of it’s old industrial, dirty, and financially poor northern city status. But this at times is just because people do not look very far under the surface. The gentrification of the city center caters to the “new” people of Leeds, those that have money and desire to spend it. But scratch a bit deeper and you see the old Leeds that people believe has been swept away. Walk around the markets on a Saturday and it is packed with people who in no way can afford to shop a few streets away. As the “renewal” of the city center continues these people will be further marginalised and pushed out from the center, but where will they go?

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